Let’s go holiday

PEGE is going on holiday for a few weeks, but we’ll be back in full force on the 17th of August. We’re unusually busy at the moment, and haven’t had a proper break since starting PEGE.

If missing your fortnightly-fix of PEGE leaves you pulling you hair out, don’t despair! Will will be writing up things he sees/wants to see at Botany and ESA this year here on PEGE, so check in with us around then for some conference-tacular fun. He may even post some pictures of people having beer on Twitter, he’s that crazy. Moreover, the strangely-named willeerd will still be running, so head there for a window into the mind of an R-addict.

We know that some of you want a better heads-up as to what we’re going to cover in each article. During our holiday, we’re going to schedule the next 10-20 articles in advance, and we’ll put the full schedule up online. We’re also going to try and bring back guest posters; if you’re interested in being one, please let one of us know – we’d love to have you!

Have a great holiday! See you soon!

PS – the above song is ‘holiday’, by Joan as Policewoman, and is one of Will’s favourites.


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Ecology / evolutionary biologist

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